Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Affiliate Marketing Tips - How You Can Avoid the 3 Biggest Causes of Affiliate Failure

Affiliate Marketing Tips - How You Can Avoid the 3 Biggest Causes of Affiliate Failure
By Fabian Tan

You can actually cut your chances of affiliate marketing failure by half or more if you avoid a few simple mistakes that most affiliate marketers make. It's not rocket science. If you follow a few basic rules, you can avoid becoming the next affiliate failure. Here are the 3 biggest causes of a lack of success:

1. Promoting poor products

Promoting products that over-promise and under-deliver is a surefire way to kill your business. If you have a list of subscribers, they will soon stop buying from you if you promote half past six products. Before you promote anything, be sure to get a copy of the product if you can to check out its quality first before you roll out big.

2. Using the same ads everyone uses

Affiliate programs often provide email ads, pay per click ads and the like for promoting their products. Are you using these ads, unchanged? Then stop doing it! Start writing your own ads, or at the very least, make slight changes to the ad. Improve it!

3. Not having a consistent traffic action plan

This is probably the biggest cause for affiliate marketing failure. Oftentimes, it all comes down to driving targeted traffic to your offer. If you can do that, even a poor product will make money for you. Have a solid traffic generation plan that consists of strategies like article marketing, Web 2.0 and pay per click advertising. Determine how many articles you will write per day, how many PPC campaigns you will test and how exactly you will use Web 2.0 sites to market your affiliate products. In short, start making a plan.

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